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The Wallpaper


How to fix wall paper on an unequal surface?

No, you cannot and it doesn’t look good either. For an awesome and good look it is always advisable to install wall papers on smooth/plain surface.

Will my walls get damaged when I remove wall paper?

In most of the cases walls will not get damaged. However, your wall condition before pasting wall paper may contribute to the damage of the wall. Wallpaper Express is not responsible for any damages while peeling off the wall paper.

Can I get an installer from Wallpaper Express?

Yes, we offer installers within 48 hours to any place in Mysore and Bangalore. However installation charges are extra and you can pay to the installer directly.

What is the minimum size / order quantity for customization?

Yes the minimum customization size should be 20 sq.ft.

What should I do if I want a wall paper in different size?

Yes you can get it done by just following below few steps,

• Select wall paper which you like from our website.

• Click on custom size option.

• Fill in the required width and height.

• You need to crop the image to make sure you give us the exact area which you want to be printed and to adjust the image accordingly as per your height and width requirements.

• Drag the crop box on the wall paper design to crop the wall paper by using mouse.

• You can also resize by using small corner squares on the wall paper.

• Preview the cropped and customized wall paper before placing the order.

• If you are fine with it proceed to place the order.

• If you are not happy with resizing go back to the previous steps and resize the wall paper by redoing the above steps.

How do I calculate size of my customized wall paper?

You can measure the size in inches, cm or foot and provide us the same we will convert them in to sq ft and let you know the exact measurements of the customized wall paper that fits well on your wall. Still you got doubts on measurements please do refer How to measure column in our website.

What are the Conditions of returning my wall paper?

You can return a wall paper under the below stated conditions,

• If in case you receive the wall paper with a damaged or tampered packing. Under this case you do not take the delivery simply asks the delivery person to take it back and write us a mail stating the same. This will give us a chance to take corrective action ASAP.

• If the size and the specifications of the wall paper delivered doesn't match with the one you specified. In this case you got to do few little things so that we can deliver the right wall paper in no time.

&#x2714 Write to our customer care about discrepancies within 24 hours.

&#x2714 Attach the picture of the discrepancy within 24 hours.

&#x2714 Send the shipment back to us within 5days. Please note you must bear the charges for any Damages/ discrepancies made/happened to the wall paper at the time of back shipment. .

Can I Exchange my wall paper?

No, you can’t. You can exchange your wall paper only if you have any discrepancy with the wall paper you received. Otherwise we don’t allow any returns. For further information read our returns policy.

Can I clean my wall paper?

Yes you can. You can clean your wall paper with a smooth sponge. Don’t use any hard chemicals on it. Simply dip the sponge in the water and gently rub the wall paper. Do clean your wall paper once in every 2-3 weeks. Follow care guidelines in our website for further information on cleaning and maintenance of wall paper.


Material and Care FAQs

Can I install these wall papers through Do It Yourself (DIY) process?

Yes you can. Our wall papers are designed with such flexibility which allows you to install them on your own through DIY process. Apart from DIY in many major metropolitan cities across India such as NCR, Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore we have our professional teams who can help you in your installation process. You can book a slot with them within 48 hours the professional help will be at your disposal.

Materials used for printing wall papers?

Our wall papers are printed with such material which is eco-friendly and pvc-free that enriches the life of the wall paper. The inks that we use are Green guard children & School certified and odorless which include HP Latex Inks. In addition our wall papers are mold and flame resistant.

Are these wall papers be used in homes with children?

Yes, our wall papers are completely safe and can be used by homes with children too. The wall papers of Wallpaper Express are pvc-free uses Hp Latex Ink and are certified by Green guard children & School for their high quality and eco-friendly nature.

How should be the surface of the wall on which we intend to install wall paper?

The surface of the wall on which we want to install wall paper must be flat and smooth. Wall should be free from any sort of bumps. If the wall is not finished properly meet any local painter/mason and get it mended before installation of wall paper.

When and how can I clean my wall paper?

You can clean your wall paper with water alone by using a sponge. Don’t use any hard chemicals or detergents that could damage your wall paper.

What is the life of my wall paper?

The superior quality and eco-friendly nature of the wall paper makes the wall paper durable for 10 more years. With proper care and maintenance you can further extend the life of the wall paper and can keep it new and fresh throughout its life time.

Installation and Removal FAQs

Can I get professional Installers from Wallpaper Express?

Yes, you can. You can get professional installers form Wallpaper Express if you are home is in any metropolitan cities across India such as NCR, Kolkata, and Chennai and so on.

Do I receive an Installation manual from Wallpaper Express?

Yes, you will get an instructional manual which consist of step wise guidelines for installation of wall papers. Apart from the installation manual you can even refer ‘Easy Installation’ section from our website that guides you through the process of installation.

How can I install wallpaper?

You can install wall paper either on your own or with a professional help or with the help of your friend. Our wall papers designed in such a way they can be easily installed with DIY (Do It Yourself) process under which you can follow the steps mentioned in Easy Installation column in our website. You can also avail professional help if you are a resident of NCR, Kolkata, Chennai or any metropolitan across India.

Can I install the new wall paper on an Old one?

Yes, you can install. However, Print A doesn’t recommend it as this would give a lumpy look to the wall. By pasting one on another would even hamper the look of your new wall paper. So, it is always advisable to install the new wall paper on fresh wall.

Can I install wall paper on a wall which is not flat?

No, you cannot. For best and enhanced looks you are recommended to install the wall paper on a wall which is smooth and flat and the one which is free from any bumps. A wall without bumps and with flat/smooth surface would give your wall and space a new and refreshing look.

How long should I wait for installing wall paper on a newly painted wall?

Do not stick wall papers on a newly painted wall as this would disrupt the look of the wall and wall paper. Wait for few days with in which the wall will be dried off. The newly painted walls may not allow the wall paper to stick properly. Additionally while you remove the wall paper the paint might also get peeled off. Hence, it is advisable to follow meticulously the instructions given by your manufacturer and know the exact time by which the paint will be dried off.

Can I install wall paper in areas where there is high moisture such as in bathroom?

Yes you can. But before installing wall paper in such areas you must take few precautions. You must use certain anti moisture and water-resistant precautions which prevent moisture. If your wall possess moisture use adhesives that prevent seeping of moisture.

Will the sticky residue of wall paper be present on the wall post wall paper removal?

Normally our wall papers don’t leave any residue if in case you find any residue post removal of the wall paper dip sponge in water and clean the wall. You can use a wet cloth or towel to remove the residue from the wall.

Will my wall get damaged when I peel off the wall paper?

No in most of the cases wall paper will not damage the wall. However, the damage to the wall depends on the condition of the wall pre-installation of the wall paper. Wallpaper Express is not responsible for any damages to the wall while removing the wall paper.

Orders and Customization FAQs

What is the minimum size for customized wall papers?

For a customized order the size of the wall paper must be 40sqft.

What is the maximum size required for customized wall paper?

No, there is no maximum limit for the customized wall paper. We can print any very large size too. However, you must give specific instructions to our team of experts regarding quality of the image to be printed on the wall paper, size and so on.

Is there any order quantity limits?

No, you can order online a single or multiple copies of wall paper from Wallpaper Express.

Can I tract my order post placement?

Yes you can tract the status of your order by signing in to your online account if you have one.

Can I Order a Wallpaper Express’s wall paper in custom size?

Yes, you can for that you got to follow few steps mentioned in our website.

&#x2714 Select wall paper from our website.

&#x2714 Select custom size option.

&#x2714 Fill the required width and height of the wall paper.

&#x2714 Crop the image properly to suit to your measurements. Crop till you get the image to the right size in which you want us to print the wall paper.

&#x2714 To crop the image use the crop box displayed on the wall paper with mouse.

&#x2714 Preview the re-sized wall paper before proceeding to order.

&#x2714 If you are satisfied with the preview proceed further and place order.

&#x2714 If you are not satisfied re-do the above steps and crop the wall paper properly.

Do you charge anything extra on custom sizes?

No, we do not charge any additional charges for custom sized wall papers.

Can I personalize any wall paper/art work present in Wallpaper Express’s website? If yes, then how?

You contact our customer care team on +91-8880 440 440 or send us an email at [email protected] Our team supports you in personalizing the wall paper.

Using Own Image FAQs

Custom size Vs Custom image state the difference?

The difference seems to be complex yet simple to understand. A custom size wall paper is the wall paper designed considering your height and width requirements. i.e., the measurements in short. If you cannot find a suitable size for your wall on our gallery you can mend the wall paper in our website as per your wall measurements and forward us the same measurements to get the custom sized wall paper.

The difference seems to be complex yet simple to understand. A custom size wall paper is the wall paper designed considering your height and width requirements. i.e., the measurements in short. If you cannot find a suitable size for your wall on our gallery you can mend the wall paper in our website as per your wall measurements and forward us the same measurements to get the custom sized wall paper.

What should be the format of the image file?

You can send your image in any of the formats such as, .jpg, .tif, .png, .psd, .psb, .eps, .ai, cdr and .pdf. However, sending files of high resolution ( Dpi or more) is recommended.

What if I have no clue about the resolution of the image?

Contact us on +91-8880 440 440 or send us an email at i[email protected], we will help you in understanding the quality of the image before uploading it. Or else you can go through the ‘Use your own image’ column in our website and can decide on the quality of the wall paper you are uploading.

Can I use a thumbnail web image or an image which is less than 8x10in on my wall paper?

A small sized image doesn’t fit well on the big wall paper. That is why we highly advise using an image taken from a minimum 8 mega pixels and above camera. On the other hand, if you still have a negative we can develop a big size image that fits best on your wall paper.

What do you mean by copy right terms and the reason I should be following it while using an art work for my wall paper?

A copy right gives it owner a right on his/her artwork. Copy right gives it owner a sole right on his images and art works to print, display and share the right with someone else. Wallpaper Express duly respect copy rights and doesn’t allow you to print an image that is copy righted as you wall paper. Hence, we always recommend using only your sole copy righted images or an image for which you took permission from the owner. For detailed information about copy rights go to ‘copy right’ section in our website.

Is it possible to buy a photo/art work from a website?

Yes you can buy an image/ photo/ art work from a stock of website. But, do remember to call or mail our customer support either on91-98110-31749 or at [email protected] to discuss the requirements.

Can I use an image on the internet for my wall paper?

That’s not recommended mostly as the images uploaded on the websites may not be of high quality. And more over most of the images are copy righted finding the owner and getting rights from him is a herculean task. Hence, it is not advisable in majority of the cases.

Can I go for additional touch ups before printing? If yes How much do you charge additionally?

Yes certainly you can ask for touch ups. However, for changing the color, rotations, size, contrast, saturation and any such things we charge additionally. And the charges vary depending on the alterations required by the customer.

Size and Cost FAQs

Can I know the wall paper size options?

Wallpaper Express provides wide variety of wall papers with custom sizes that suits your wall.

How Do I measure the size of a wall for my customized wall paper?

You simply have to measure the height and width of the wall in inches and convert them to sqft. If you cannot do to all on your own go to How to measure section in our website and proceed to measure the wall.

What is the cost calculation process that you follow for a customized wall paper?

The cost for a customized wall paper is calculated based on the sq ft. You can give us measurements in inches/ feet and we will convert them in to sq fts.

How can I calculate cost of my customized wall paper?

You can go to price calculator column in our website and can calculate cost of wall paper.

Delivery and Return FAQs

Can I order from any part of India?

Yes you can order from anywhere in India.

When and how long will you take to dispatch my order?

We dispatch your order within 3 working days from the date of order placement. Shipment will take another 5 working days from the dispatch date.

Should I pay any additional charges for shipping?

No, you don’t have to. We offer free shipping throughout India. Go through ‘doorstep delivery’ column in our website.

What should I do if I don’t like wall paper received by us?

Sorry, we don't take it back. Once it is done and dispatched we are not responsible for any mismatches as we design and print wall paper with great care and efforts. Everything is designed and developed based on your requirements. Hence, once done and dispatched no return is possible.

What are the conditions under which I can return wall paper?

•If you receive a damaged or tampered packaging. Do not accept wall paper under such circumstances instead ask the delivery executive to return it to the sender and do write to us through a mail regarding the same or else you can inform the same to our customer support over a phone call.

• If your wall paper is exchanged with some other one. Under these conditions you simply return it and write a mail or make a call to our customer support team and tell them the same. We make our efforts to rectify it ASAP. For any further information about the returns do go through our returns policy.

Can I swipe my wall paper for another?

You can do it only when you receive a damaged or wrong wall paper. Otherwise no return and no exchange. Please go through our returns policy for further clarifications.

Under which circumstances will I get a refund?

You cannot get a refund once shipment is done. However, your wall paper will be exchanged if you receive damaged or wrong wall paper. Go through our Refund policy or call us +91-98110-31749 on or send an Email to [email protected] for further queries and clarifications.